There are many things I wish I knew when I started my business. I started off with a great base of knowledge. I hit the ground running in my business and I quickly found clients. But there are some things that I wish I had been told early on that would have set the stage for even more success earlier on. One of them is this – you are #enough.

I know you have heard that phrase many times as it seems to be a catch phrase floating around lately. But it is a powerful statement. You are enough. I started my business with 20+ years of experience under my belt and a Masters in my field so you would think I would know this. But, I didn’t. You see, I’m a learner, a voracious researcher. I’m always on the lookout for knowledge I don’t have for things that improve me. But because of this I succumbed to the same things that many of us entrepreneurs do – #shinyobject syndrome. You know what I mean? Marketers, masterminds, courses, coaches who have honed and crafted their message so well they convince you that you NEED what they are selling. They have the knowledge that will propel you forward, change your world and rocket you towards success.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think masterminds, coaches and courses are good things. I simply think we get from them exactly what we need. And if you are like me in that you continually are disappointed at how little you get from these programs then maybe you need to start looking at why you are taking them. Do you really need the knowledge or are you simply not confident in your own expertise and abilities? For me, it was the later. I was chasing after something that I already have. Searching for knowledge is good and I won’t stop being a voracious researcher. What I will do is take more time to examine the shiny object in front of me and see if I really can benefit or if it is promising me something that can only be found within.

You see we forget to be voracious in going deep within. Looking inside ourselves for the courage to do the hard stuff, to step out in faith. Are we so afraid that we might fail or are we afraid we might succeed?

I #challenge you today. Where can you go within to find what it is you are looking for? Are you chasing something you already have? If so, just stop. Do the thing you are most afraid of. Take the leap. You might fall or you could fly. No one ever flew without first taking the #leap. Do it.

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