Do you ever have those days where you feel the vultures circling round you? The days where the wolves have made camp around you, waiting for you to stumble and fall so they can devour you? No, just me, huh?

There are days in my business where it feels as if the wolves are circling. Maybe it was a rough, long week and I’m exhausted or maybe so many things haven’t worked out. Those days where you feel like a failure. You feel defeated. Those are the days where you find your strength and realize your own power. Here are the steps I take when I feel defeated.

I go within. I meditate. I pray. I read. Anything that requires me to get out of my own head and get the clarity I need. The wolves may be circling but I’m not down for the count. Many times when I feel defeated it is because the thoughts in my mind are what is defeating me. Doing the things I need to do to rid myself of those thoughts is the best push I can give myself.

I look for the next right step. It may be small. It may be something simple. Honestly, the next right step usually is something small and simple. It is forward movement and that is key when feeling defeated. Pick yourself up and move, even if it’s only an inch. Then when you move the inch, do the next best step, and the next. Before you know it you will have made traction.

I live in gratitude. I may not feel a success but I sure can be grateful for what I have. The more I express and really feel into the gratitude for everything and everyone around me the better I feel about the situation.

Days where I feel defeated are far less than they used to be. I have learned that some days you just feel bleh! Those are the days you utilize to find what needs to change. What needs to be tweaked in your life to make it more enjoyable. And when the wolves come circling, I know exactly what to do.

Ready to get started?