I never realized how powerful the mind is until I started my own business. When you start a business every single issue you may have ever had gets brought to the surface. Your fears, your doubt, you worry. It’s all there.

But, that is the part I have loved about running a business. It has brought these issues to light so they can be resolved and healed. I have also met some amazing people who have been pivotal in the journey. I’ve made good friends. I’ve learned the power of meditation to shift the mindset. I’ve learned to live in abundance instead of scarcity.

All because I was willing to ask the hard questions of myself and do the hard work. Shifting your mind is hard work. Habits that are ingrained for years are not easily shaken. But I also see it as a gift granted by the Divine. God knew my prayers had been to break these strongholds in my mind. I wasn’t sure what all the strongholds were but I knew they existed.

And he knew exactly how to ready me for that battle. He knew the people to place in my path. The people I would need as friends. This journey has been one of such personal growth. I can’t wait to see where the future leads me.

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