When I make seven figures I will be able to….

When I….

I can’t because….

Do you find yourself saying any of these things? I do. But the truth is that anything that follows these are things that I can do right now. I use the excuse that I must do __________ (fill in the blank) before the thing I want can happen.

When I make seven figures I will be able to travel more. Guess what? I can travel more now if I simply plan it and plan a way to pay for it. When I get this certification I can be an expert in my field. I hear this a lot. You are an expert in the field if you know what you are talking about and doing. Getting results makes you an expert. Knowing your craft well makes you an expert. Certifications, while nice, do not.

I can’t because… this one is especially loaded and considered taboo in our household. Anything you say after this phrase is simply an excuse because you are afraid. You are blocking yourself. This is your life. Only you can live it and only you can change it. There are plenty of things that we do not have control over in this life. So why are we allowing those things that we do have control over to make us unhappy? Why are we choosing to stay stuck?

Make a decision today. Flip these statements around.

Today I will…..

I can…

The first step I can take is…

You can do this. I do believe you and only you holds the power to change your life. Are you ready?

Ready to get started?