On a recent trip we stayed at a hotel we have stayed at many times. The reason we keep coming back here is the “extras”. This hotel is not extra fancy but the little things they do make it where you want to return each time. They provide guests with water, tea, coffee and hot chocolate 24/7. They have a cozy lobby that has a fireplace in the middle with couches and chairs around it where you can sit and play board games or hang out for the evening. The hotel sits on the river and there are outdoor chairs and a fire pit where you can relax and enjoy the evening. Most of all the staff is super helpful and friendly. The vibe is one of comfort and you feel as if it is your home away from home.

So how can I use this in my business? It made me start thinking about the “extras” that I provide for my clients. The reasons that make my clients want to stay with me instead of switching to another provider. It all comes down to the value I provide. If a client feels that they are getting above and beyond in customer service, quality work or extras then they are more likely to stay. But, what I found in my line of work that matters most is relationships. If you really know your clients and their businesses so that you can provide exactly what they need.
Here are some tips I recommend to be “extra”:

  • Know your clients and develop a relationship with them. It is not just about their business but knowing them and their goals and dreams.
  • Provide value that is above and beyond. My desire is that my clients always walk away thinking they have received much more than they paid for with me.
  • Extras in the little things. Think of little things you can provide clients that make their life easier or help them in some way.

It’s about the experience. People buy into an experience and how they feel not just about purchasing an item. Create an experience for your client when they work with you. Make it enjoyable!

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