Snap out of it! I saw a post recently about writing a letter to your childhood self. So it got me thinking about what I would say to the younger version of me. We all need words of encouragement and strength so it got me to thinking about what I would say to me if I could do it all over. 

Dear Me,

You think that you are insignificant, you want to be invisible in this world but I see you. I see the way your mind works and I see how smart you are. I love that you read books voraciously. Keep doing that because one day you will see how much you have learned. Books are a great way to escape and explore new worlds and characters. They hold the key to knowledge.

Don’t stop writing in your journal. All those pages you have filled will one day be your story. Writing is great therapy for all those big emotions you feel. Remember to write when you get older. You won’t believe how much stress and anxiety it will release. Your words have great power. Power to manifest the things you dream about. Call them into existence. 

You have heard that girls need to be sweet, kind and quiet. Don’t listen. Be loud. Be brave. Be rebellious. You are you for a reason. Don’t make yourself small. Don’t shrink to make others feel better. Don’t change that sweet girl. Don’t allow others to silence your voice. Speak up. Be loud. Be bold. You are brave. You are strong and you are loved. Don’t ever forget that you are dearly loved.

You can do anything that your mind imagines. Want to run a business? Go for it! Want to be an artist? Go for it! Want to accomplish amazing things? Go for it! You hold the power to step out and do big things. Don’t hold yourself back. Be you and don’t doubt the greatness inside of you.

You are enough. Regardless of how you feel, what others may say, you are enough. Always remember this. Don’t try to be something you are not. Don’t try to please others. You are enough. Repeat it frequently. Say it loudly. Scream it if you must but most of all, believe it. 

Love your body exactly as it is, how it is. Treat it kind. Love it. Nourish it. Take care of it. It is there for you. Hate your stomach? It will carry your two beautiful children. Hate your thighs? They are strong. Love every inch of yourself and remember to treat it well. Take time each day to give yourself exactly what you need. Don’t forget to rest. It is so important to accomplish all the big things you are manifesting. 

You will be told you are too much. Too loud. Too bold. Too sassy. Too rebellious. Too ambitious. Too cold. Too whatever. Don’t believe a single word. The truth is you are perfect just the way you are. Every ounce of you is beautiful. You are never too much for the right people. Find your people. They will love you, adore you and tell you how much they love every thing about you. They will celebrate your quirks and cheer you on every chance they get. 

Be careful how you talk to yourself. You shape your reality more than anyone. Don’t be cruel to yourself. Don’t talk down to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. Cheer yourself on. Tell yourself the amazing things you will do. Imagine the world you want. You create your own reality. The words you talk to yourself are important. Choose them wisely. 


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