I know you have heard this phrase before that you must “renew your mind”. But, what does that really mean? When I started my #business I didn’t realize how my thoughts created my reality. How the very things I thought about called in more of those things into my life and my business. We talk so much about marketing your business, networking, and social media for your business. However, the most critical aspect of my business is me. How I think on any given day directly affects my business. So four years ago when I started this crazy journey into owning my own business I quickly figured out that I must focus on growing me, changing my thoughts, which in turn would change my reality. Here are three ways I have found to “renew my mind”.

#Meditation and Prayer – There are so many things we must juggle in any given day that it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose your clarity. Meditation has been important for me to keep my clarity. I need time each day even if it is simply 15-20 minutes to sit and just be. I don’t need to try to solve problems in this time. I need to give my mind a break from its endless chatter. When I skip this practice I find the anxiety and overwhelm creeping in quickly.

Journaling – Sometimes it simply helps to get it all out. Things you may not want to say out loud you can write in a journal and it makes it easier. I write my fears, my worries, my #successes, my goals, and anything I want to get out or remember. I love to go back and read journals from the early days in my business. It helps me to see just how much I have changed and how far I have come.

Brain dump – This one is big for me. I found I have this amazing ability to wake between 2-3 am with my mind checking off a mental to do list of things I can’t forget. These can be personal or business. I have so many to do lists, deadlines, important things to remember. If I write it down then I can let it go and “forget it”. Sounds simple and it is. I sleep so much better if I practice this daily. I even keep a notepad by the bed for these things. I have such great recall at 3 am!

Practicing these three things regularly has made such a huge shift for me in my mental health. In return, my business is more successful and I cope with things better. Pick one thing and start today. Do you have a practice that works well for you? Share with us so we can all benefit.

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