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Most of our clients are QuickBooks Online or Desktop users. We are certified as QuickBooks ProAdvisors. We do work with other types of accounting softwares and are happy to assist you with those as well. 


SetUp your books

Setup is the most important step in ensuring that you can track things in your business and get the reports and data you need, when you need it.

  • Starting out – we can set your books up right so you know you have what you need.
  • Books a mess – we can start a new set of books for you with the correct setup for your industry and specific business.
  • Don’t know where to start – we can get you set up and going!

Cleanup your books

Sometimes your books can become messy and need an expert to make sense of the transactions. Hiring us to cleanup is helpful when:

  • You have not been able to reconcile your bank accounts.
  • You think or know many entries are in the wrong place.
  • Your Profit and Loss and/or Balance Sheet is incorrect or has wrong information on it
  • You can’t balance your checkbook or the total is wrong
  • You can’t get the info you need to file taxes


 Consulting is helpful when:

  • You need us to review your existing Accounting Software and determine IF a cleanup is needed or what next steps you need to take to make things right.
  • Determine if your Accounting Software is set up correctly for you and your industry.
  • Provide feedback to resolve issues or help you get your bearings with your bookkeeping.
  • Working to transition data to your Accounting Software from another accounting program.
Intuit quickbooks online certified proadvisor
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“Blackburn Consulting is my go-to for QuickBooks professionals. Blackburn keeps me in line with my tax reporting and liabilities. I have taken Blackburn’s classes in Davie County and enjoyed them and learned a lot.”

Tere Weatherly, BE Enterprises

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