Nonprofit Consulting

Get strategic advice to help you stay on mission & increase funding


Our job is to make your nonprofit not just sustainable, but a thriving organization that’s not scrambling for cash flow, or worried about being audited.

Some of the topics we often advise nonprofit clients on are:

  • Implementing efficient accounting processes
  • Understanding GAAP accounting
  • Developing strong Internal controls
  • Strategic budget development and management
  • Responsible cash management
  • Designing a meaningful chart of accounts
  • Allocating indirect costs
  • Effective grant management
  • Software consulting, conversion and training
  • Nonprofit operations consulting
  • Training board of directors on fiduciary duties


With more than 25 years of working with nonprofits across all industries, our recommendations come from insights both into what we see happening within your organization currently, but also forecasting what issues and threats may arise in the future, and how to best protect the mission your nonprofit focuses on. Also see our services for nonprofit accounting and nonprofit tax services.

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