This year I have had to shift my focus to more self care. In the past I have just went full on without stopping. I would not even think about slowing down and I typically only stopped working when I was in full on exhaustion. But that changed last year. My body decided if I wasn’t going to listen to the cues it had been giving me for years then it would simply scream louder and bring me to a halt with pain.

I took notice. This is a journey not a sprint. I learn each day how to better care for me. How to love me and fill me up with what I need. I have learned to rest when I am tired instead of continuing to push hard. I have also learned that food is my fuel and what I eat directly effects my energy level on any given day. It affects my pain level too.

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How has this made me a better business owner? I have had to learn to be more efficient with my time, to replenish my energy so I can be at my best. I have had to learn the beauty of the pause. The beauty of rest. It has made me focus more on what things I really want to be doing with my time instead of simply filling up my days with busy. I keep my energy for the things I really want to be doing. As a result, I’ve added some new clients and let some go. I’ve reorganized my priorities to work best with my energy. And I have learned to ask for help when I need it.

Are you running full speed ahead without any brakes? Do you want to keep doing your best work or do you want to be forced to a stop? And yes, it will happen. Your days are numbered.

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