I finished the day yesterday by saying no to something big. This is something that has been a part of our lives for quite a while now. It wasn’t something bad. It has been something good but it had stopped being good. It appeared good and nothing seemed to have changed but what changed was me. My tolerance level. I was no longer ok with doing something to please others. I was no longer accepting that I had to live with things that went against me.

It had become a block in my life and a huge one. You may have a block like this one too. People you spend time around even though their behavior is not in line with yours. Their values contradict who you are and what you are about. Are these bad people? Some may be but most are not. They simply don’t align with you.

So I stepped away quickly. I made the decision to remove this from my life and it felt amazing! How are you spending your time? Whether it be time at work or time that belongs to you personally. How are you filling it? If the things that fill your time are not in alignment with you then you will constant feel resistance. Resistance brings friction. Resistance wears you out!

Today, just say no. Say no to one thing that doesn’t bring you joy. Say no to one item on your calendar that isn’t where you want to spend your time. Say no to one conversation that you don’t want to have. Whatever it may be, start with one tiny no. You may be surprised that you find yourself finding more ways to say no. It is very freeing. Do it today. Take the first step…

Ready to get started?