The year is winding down and you are wrapping up your work year as you take time off for the holidays but now is the time to focus on your finances. Tax time will be here before you know it so you want to be prepared but it is also a time to focus on what has went well, where you can improve and goals for the future. Here are my tips of things to do before the year ends.

Get a grip on your finances and your books. If things are a mess make a plan to get things in order. You can outsource it if this isn’t your area of expertise but don’t wait til the last minute.

  1. Look at the past year and your accomplishments. I find that I never take enough time to acknowledge all the great things I have been able to pull off over the past year. Taking some time to do that at year end is a real morale boost.
  2. See what you could have done better. This isn’t about beating yourself up. This is about learning from the lessons. I don’t want to waste even the bad things in my life. There is always something I can learn from it.
  3. Make a plan for the next 90 days, 6 months, 9 months and a year. Then break things down into manageable chunks. You can back into your plan for the week or day simply by starting out where you want to be and working backwards with your baby step goals.
  4. Take time to be grateful. At this time of year I like to focus even more on being grateful for all that has happened in my life during the past year.
  5. Take some down time and rest. After the holidays the pace picks up fast and furious again. I like to take time out to recharge and refuel during the holidays.

What can you wrap up and finish before the year ends?

Ready to get started?