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Wow! It’s been a minute since I was last on here. March 2020 to be exact. 2020 was a wild ride of a year for us all! Let me catch you up on all that has been going on since I last posted.

Being in the middle of a pandemic got me to thinking more about my goals. I realized I had not really made the progress I had wanted to make and I was ready for more. So off I went on whirlwind of an adventure the last part of 2020. Here are some highlights:

  • Leased an office space
  • Purchased signs for the building and road frontage.
  • Purchased all new furniture, equipment, computers, etc. for a 1,300 sq ft office space
  • Held my first Open House in September
  • Spent two weeks on the beautiful coast of NC in September
  • Attended Scaling New Heights in Florida in November
  • Taught more webinars and classes than I ever have in a year.
  • Hired two employees
  • Redesigned my website – twice!
  • Rejoined BNI
  • Finished 2020 with my largest revenue for a year to date!
  • Added tax services to the list of services we provide.

It was definitely a busy year and 2021 has already made that list seem minor by comparison. I can’t wait to see how 2021 plays out. Running a small business is a journey. You never know for day to day how things will go. It comes with many challenges. There were times in 2020 that I wanted to cry. There were times I did cry. There were times I was so disgusted and defeated. There were times that I screamed with joy. It is definitely a roller coaster ride but one I have enjoyed for 5 1/2 years. I hope and pray that there will be many, many more!

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