Life can be hard. Things don’t work out.
So what do you do if something doesn’t work out? Do you just give up? Throw in the towel? Not me. It’s not who I am or even how I am wired. You see I’m a fighter by nature. When things get tough I fight. There have been many times that I have felt like giving up but the next day I just went back at it again.

If you are going to run a business you must have faith that things will work out. You WILL fail but you must get back up and go back at it. Things will slow down and you will want to quit but you have to dig deep.

So what is gritty faith? Gritty faith to me is the faith you have that keeps you from giving up. You go head first into the unknown. Scared with barely any faith but you keep going. It is the faith that says, get back up one more time. Try again. Keep going. Don’t give up!

Do you have gritty faith? Do you have what it takes to get back up one more time?

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