Goal Setting for your small business

 You must set goals for your business and take action on them or you won’t grow. Goal setting doesn’t happen by accident. If you are not setting goals in your business then you are leaving everything up to chance. 

Goal Setting – Dream Big!

One of the things that I learned early on in business was goal setting and having dreams for my business. And that really, really had a magnifying glass put on it during the past 21 months, since I’ve leased this office space. So, you know, if I hadn’t had the dream about where I wanted the business to be, I would have never arrived at the point where I leased office space. If I hadn’t started out with a dream of what I wanted this business to be, I wouldn’t be where I am today, because I would have just stayed, you know, kind of stuck.

Why is goal setting important? 

The thing that I see when I work with clients, that is most disabling to them that that state, you know, makes them stay stuck in their business, is they don’t dream about what could be. They focus too much on the how. How am I going to make this happen? How am I going to get the money? Where am I going to get the staff? Where am I going to get the resources? I’m not, you know, a great speaker, I’m not a great advertiser, I’m not this. I’m not that. It doesn’t matter.

I can fully and completely tell you that it does not matter. The importance of goal setting-the how so much as what it is that you want that you can visualize it. And then take that dream, not just dream it, because so many people have dreams, and then they do nothing with them. You have to be one willing to step out, willing to take that risk, willing to be scared, and do it anyway. You start with the dream and you move into goal setting. You know, it sounds cliché, because we hear it all the time. Do it Anyway, do it scared, but you do have to do it scared.

Achieve your goals!

I didn’t wait to become comfortable with the amount of money I was paying in rent to actually rent the place. I could have went the safe route and leased an office space for just me and a small reception area. I could have done that would have been nothing wrong with doing that. But that is not what felt right to me. That was not what was in alignment with my soul. And a lot of that had to do with what my dream was for this business. You see, when I started this business, now it’s going to be seven years I’ve been in business.

Personal goal setting – Networking

When I first started my business, I spent the first six months doing nothing but networking 40 hours a week, like if there was a networking event, I went to it, I was there, I was pushing my business, but not so much pushing my business as I was just simply getting to know people, learning from other people. You know, listening is a huge skill. One that we take for granted, you know, we do have two ears for a reason.

So I would sit and listen to these people, these networking events, I would listen to what they liked and disliked I would listen to what excited them I would listen to what their business did. I would learn from successful people. And then I took that and quickly flipped it and put it in a place in my business. And by listening people like you because you listen, and you want to get to know them. That’s all we want.

As human beings, we want others to listen to us to genuinely and authentically listening to us and be interested in what we’re saying. And I did that. And because I did that I got to know a lot of people really quickly. And I got to know a lot about their businesses. But I was at a networking group and I was very early on I want to say the first three months I was in business.

And I mean I struggled a lot when I first started out I struggled with public speaking I struggled with my elevator pitch. You know that little 60 second spiel where you got to tell what do you do in business and why? Why do I want to know you? I struggled with all that stuff. Because this was new to me very new. I’ve never done anything like this. Public speaking and speaking in front of others did not come naturally to me. I would stumble over my words more than anything. I would talk too much. And I would kind of hyperventilate, right.

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