Everyone talks of that feeling you have when you are doing exactly what you are meant to do in life. Everything is perfect…NOT! Whoa, wait a minute. What? All the gurus tell us how if we are doing our genius work, the work that utilizes our highest abilities and lights us up, that we will always be in #ease and #flow. I call BS on this. While I am all for ease and flow sometimes the ease and flow simply are not there. The day is hard and long even though I am doing exactly what I feel I was called to do. This is the work I was meant to do but it doesn’t always feel awesome. Why?

Some days you are simply tired, or sick or want to play in the sun. You don’t want to work and it doesn’t matter what it is that you are doing but nothing would light you up at that moment enough to make you want to work. We get exhausted even when we are doing our genius work.

Sometimes you are doing the work you were meant to do but you are going about it all wrong. Maybe you are trying to force something that isn’t you, you aren’t efficient, you are working with the wrong clients, you need to hire staff, or there are tasks that you hate so you transfer that to “I hate everything about my work”. I have watched colleagues go through this. They change what they are doing only to come back to it in the future because they realized how much they love it and miss it.

So my question to you is when you have hard days are you looking at why? Is there are process that needs #changing, refining? Do you need to fire a horrible client? Do you need to take on less? Maybe you are doing the work that lights you up but a little something is off. I challenge you to examine what it may be, make the changes and re-evaluate if you are doing what you truly love. If you are, stick with it. If you aren’t then find what you do love and go after it hard. I have found what I love and I go after it hard, even on the hard days.

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