LadyBoss Chisa Pennix-Brown

With over 19 years of experience in business coaching, community outreach, and social media insight, Chisa Pennix-Brown has transformed her love of learning into Lady Bizness She is the #1 Small Business Facilitator in North Carolina and she continues to foster environments for small business development, community partnerships, business growth, and events for Entrepreneurs throughout the state.

Notable Ladyboss accomplishments

Her most notable accomplishment is opening Pod Biz Studios, the first Black Woman Owned Podcast Studio in North Carolina. Chisa is also the author of The 90 Day Focus: Your Action Plan for Success, a book that helps to transform your mindset towards prioritization and goal setting to help you complete your passion project.

The Ladyboss

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Chisa pennix-brown

She has also founded a 501c3 nonprofit women’s organization, called Real Glow Getters to help women start, stay and slay in business. She thrives around women who aren’t afraid to shine, but thrive on sharing their #GlowUp with others. She can always be found Giving it to the People! Please put your hands together for Chisa Pennix-Brown.

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