When my daughter was born I took time away from work to be a mom. I also used that time to finish up my bachelor’s degree that I had been working on for over 15 years and to go on and get my graduate degree. It wasn’t an easy time. My husband and I had planned for me to step out of work for a while but what we didn’t plan for was an abrupt layoff from his job of 15 years. He went to work one morning only to be handed an envelope and told to leave the building along with approx 300 others. It was a shock and most definitely for us because I wasn’t working. We had a new baby to take care of and I was in school!

Five years ago I started my own business. It wasn’t planned and I had no clue how to run or grow a business but it has worked. I have felt like giving up. I have had days where I have wondered why I am doing this. But I haven’t given up. Good stuff happens, bad stuff happens, great stuff happens and I keep going.

Now my husband is walking this entrepreneur journey as well. He has already seen it is tough. There are lessons to learn and the biggest one is that of guarding your thoughts. The days may be long and the journey may be tough but don’t think of giving up. Just when you may think of throwing in the towel, that’s when things will change. It always happens to me that way. I found my first few years in business I would say out loud I don’t know where the next client will come from and then I would get a phone call or an email that would be my next client. So let me encourage you today if you are tired, weary and ready to give up. Don’t. Keep taking the next right step. It is so worth it.

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