Here are my 8 tips for increasing your energy when you need a pick me up. When I am really low in energy I will combine several of these for a super boost. Try to do at least one of these every day to keep your vibe high.

1) Take a nap. Sometimes you simply need rest. I can’t tell you how many times I have finished meditating only to realize I needed rest. So I took a nap. Not a long one. Just enough to refresh you.
2) Meditation. My energy can go low when I am drained from too much mental work, interacting with people or a particularly draining task. Meditation refreshes me.
3) Walk the dog. Mine loves to walk so I use him as an excuse to get a few minutes of exercise several times a day.
4) Go outside. We need sunlight. It’s a scientific fact. I especially must do this in the winter as I crave sunlight.
5) Do something fun. Change up your routine and do something fun. Even if you are swamped with work you can find a few minutes to have a little fun.
6) Turn some music on and get moving! Dancing is not only fun but it will boost your mood in a hurry.
7) Change your scenery. Sometimes this means taking a drive, going for a hike, or simply moving to another room to work. Whatever it takes, change it up.
8) Unplug from electronics. Take a break from the constant emails, notifications, pop ups and alerts.

Ready to get started?