There are things that you can do every day to move your business forward. We get so busy working in our business sometimes we forget to work ON our business. Here are 6 things you can do every single day that will make your business grow.

1) Mindset
Change your mindset. Envision what you want. Boss your mind around and get rid of the negative thoughts. Until you can see yourself accomplishing the things that you want then you won’t be able to do it. Get your mind right.

2) Set a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal)
What goal scares you? Go big or go home. Set that big goal. The one that scares you and keeps you up and night. You won’t regret it. Even if you don’t make it happen you will do much more than you had planned.

3) Set aside time to learn
I am an avid learner. I have a Masters in my field but I participate in many certification courses, webinars, read books and articles, whatever I can soak up and absorb because I always want to be learning something new. Devote 30 minutes a day to reading or learning and by year end you will have spent over 182 hours educating yourself.

4) Take time to work ON your business NOT in
We all get so busy working in our businesses that we forget to work on them. Need to work on your website, write that blog, work on your branding. Do it. The time spent working on your business is much more valuable than the time you spend working in it. Set aside time every week to work on your business if you want to watch it grow.

5) Tackle the most important first in the day
Eat the frog. That one thing you don’t want to do or that is most important should be done first. It makes sense. My day seems to rocket out of control after those first few precious minutes or hours of the day. Use that time to focus on the things you really need to get done. Maybe you use that time to focus on your business and how you are positioning it to grow.

6) Keep spending in check
As we grow so do our expenses. If a business has $50,000 a year to spend they will spend it. If they have $100,000 to spend then they will spend it too. Don’t let your expenses grow as fast as your company does. Leave room to have profit, owners pay and money to pay your taxes. A business under $250,000 should keep their expenses under 30% to larger businesses should be no more than 50-65% if you are to leave room for owner’s pay, taxes and profit.

If you take the time to focus on your business a little each day you will see the results. Not sure how to keep your expenses in check? Not enough profit in your business? Contact us today for a free exploration call.

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