We hear a lot about abundance and how to manifest abundance. But do you really know what abundance is? It isn’t just about money, although who wouldn’t like more money in their life? To see what abundance is we must first look at scarcity.

Scarcity is simply a lack. It may be a lack of resources, time, money, expertise, peace of mind, whatever you can think of when you think of things you need or want.

When you operate in scarcity in your business you are operating from a place of lack. The opposite of scarcity is abundance. Abundance is having plenty of whatever you need, time, resources, money, etc.

 There are five ways we can shift from a place of scarcity to abundance in our businesses. Let’s look at them.



This one is first and foremost. If you think in scarcity with your thoughts then nothing you do will create abundance. You can’t manifest if your mindset is in the wrong place. No one told me when I started a business that mindset was one of the most important tools in my arsenal to create a successful business and a happy life. I wasn’t taught these skills as a child and didn’t have them as an adult.

But now I spend time every day on my mindset. I examine my thoughts. If I am speaking negatively to myself or thinking in scarcity I stop myself and re-frame. I raise my vibe. I embrace meditation, energy work, exercise, and music to raise my vibe to match what I want to manifest. If you take away nothing from this know that mindset is of utmost importance. Guard your thoughts.



It’s great to think in abundance but if you don’t put your thoughts into action then what is the point. A business doesn’t build itself. You have to show up, do the things and create what you want. The Universe will support you when you take action. Put out there the things that you want more of. Ask for what you want and then act as if it is yours.


Denise Duffield-Thomas talks about this in Lucky Bitch. She said that she didn’t just think about what she wanted but acted as if it was already hers. She went all in with her actions. Are you going all in or are you hoping the Universe will simply deliver that in your lap? Take the next step. Do the next best thing.



This is a big one for me. I honestly have never participated in the competition game in business. It was always a no-brainer for me to show up and give to my colleagues. To share, connect and collaborate. I always figured we were better together than apart.

But, I see that many women don’t think this way. They want to compare themselves to the women around them and compete or worse yet copy what they are doing. You can do the same exact things as another business woman but you will get different results. Why?

 You can’t be her. Stop trying to be. Be you and share what you have to give. There are enough challenges in this world for women business owners without competing. Competition comes from a place of scarcity. We think there isn’t enough business for everyone so we have to scrap and hustle.

There is enough for us all. Abundance tells us this. Show up and be part of your community of badass women. Support them. Encourage them. Applaud them even if they are doing the exact same things as you. You will find that you all rise together and together is a much better place to be.



I’m not saying you need to give away everything you do or not get paid. I’m all about women getting paid well for the value they bring. What I’m talking about here is how do you serve others. Serve others? If that is a foreign concept to you then you are operating in scarcity. Serving doesn’t mean bowing to someone else, letting them walk all over you or telling you what to do. It means showing up and giving the best of you.

Teaching, educating and giving to others in a way that brings value to them. I think of so many women I know that show up in their communities every week and share. They share their time, knowledge, friendship and are encouragers. They give of themselves even while building their own businesses. It’s simply who they are because they are living in abundance whether they make $30,000 a year or $560,000 a year.



I remember when I heard the term woo I thought WTF is woo? For me, it is the spiritual side of life and something I’ve embraced my entire life. I just had never heard it called woo until the catchy term came about. I repeat to myself daily “Everything is always working out for me” and I truly believe it. I know the Universe is here to support me and bring me what I need. Does that mean everything always goes my way? No. Let me say hell no! It doesn’t.

It does mean that when stuff happens in my life or my business I can either fight it and resist the lesson or I can roll with it and say that this too will work out for the best for me. And guess what? When you think that way, things do work out for the best for you.

It is amazing what happens when you surrender to the Universe and know you are loved and supported in all you do. Try it. I promise you will be amazed at how it changes your life and your business. Ease and flow. It happens when you are in alignment.

So I encourage you today to pick at least one of these five things and work to shift it. Your life will be better for it and your business will be better for it. If you want to continue the conversation of moving from scarcity to abundance but you don’t know how, reach out to me for a free 15 min consultation.

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