Limiting beliefs are beliefs we have that limit us in being our best selves whether that is in our personal or professional lives. We stop short of amazing. Here are the three beliefs that I have seen in my life that have stopped me in my tracks and caused my progress to stall.

1) The limit of “not enough” – I am not smart enough. I don’t have enough expertise. I am not brave enough. I don’t have enough money. You get it. The belief that something is lacking either in my resources or in myself. Because of that lack I can’t ___________. Just fill in the blank with whatever amazing goal you want to accomplish and you have a limiting belief of not enough. What are your excuses you tell yourself?

2) The limit of “I’m not safe” – Everyone fears something. Yet, we don’t have to be fearless. I chose fearless as my word of the year one year. What I learned was that I didn’t need to be absent of fear. I simply needed to work on fearing things less. Sometimes fear is inevitable but you can do it afraid. The year I chose this word I had to face some of my biggest fears. They came true! But guess what, even though I struggled through that time, I survived and came out better from it.

3) The limit of “impostor syndrome”. Impostor syndrome is when we feel we are a fake. It may be our job or it may be something else. Be we are afraid that others will find out we are a fraud. Guess what? Most people have this limiting belief. It doesn’t mean it is true.

In fact, just because you have a limiting belief doesn’t mean that the belief is true. Actually it is the opposite. There are many more limiting beliefs out there. These are just my top three. Can you identify your limiting beliefs? Write them down and work on refuting them. You will be better for it.

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